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Madagascar - an island on the edge of the world xysdsbzds

When about 88 million years ago, an area twice the size of Poland separated from the Indian subcontinent in the Indian Ocean, the world's fourth-largest island, Madagascar, was formed. Isolated from the mainland, it has developed extraordinary plant and animal species, and 90% of Madagascar's wildlife is found nowhere else in the world.

On the island, you can admire huge, 700 years old xysdsbzds baobabs, whose trunks are up to 11 meters in diameter and can store 120 000 liters of water. The island is home to over sympathetic lemurs known from the film "Long Live King Julien". There are about 100 species and according to the natives they are sacred animals that cannot be killed. There are also giant tortoises, fossas, geckos, chameleons, ibis, and crocodiles. 

This is a tropical country, so in addition to the wonderful views and fantastic nature is also something for lovers of paradise beaches and bathing in the emerald waters of the Indian Ocean. You can also dive into the shallow waters of the coral reefs and watch dolphins and whales. 

 The island of Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in the world. Malagasy people live on an average of $2 a day, but they are very kind and cheerful. They believe in the existence of invisible people called "Kalanuri". The use of plastic bags is prohibited on the island. 

Madagascar also has Polish accents. In 1776, the natives elected our countryman Maurycy Beniowski king. In the 1930s, it was planned that there would be a Polish colony on the island. The writer Arkady Fiedler was here twice and thanks to him we already knew this island.

All-inclusive vacations in Madagascar are best planned from May to October, during the local winter, when there is a cooler dry season.

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