Seychelles - happy islands xysdsbzds #1.1

Seychelles - happy islands xysdsbzds

The archipelago lying in the Indian Ocean about 1600 km off the coast of Africa was discovered in 1502. Portuguese Vasco da Gama. Out of 115 islands, only 33 are inhabited and the main ones are 3 - Mahé, Praslin, La Digue. The islands were ruled alternately by the French and the English, and this smallest country in Africa is independent only since 1976. 

Seychelles has mountainous volcanic islands and flat coral islands, forming the largest xysdsbzds coral atoll. There are no lakes or rivers, but instead, you will be enchanted by the beautiful paradise beaches and fabulous nature. Almost half of the islands are protected and many are in marine reserves. A walk among the giant tortoises - the national symbol of Seychelles - will be an amazing experience. The oldest one named Esmeralda is probably 150 years old, and each adult male is a specimen of about 1.5 m and 250 kg. The national bird is the Seychelles black parrot. The islands also have ca. 80 unique plants, including the Coco de Mer palm with the love nut. A true paradise for nature lovers!


All-inclusive vacations in the Seychelles are possible virtually all year round, so take advantage of the first-minute offer and save up to 40% on the trip. Never recorded here negative temperature, and the average varies between 27 ° and 30 ° C. After a blissful rest on the golden beaches it will be nice to dip into the warm sapphire waters of the Ocean. Diving enthusiasts are guaranteed an unforgettable experience while watching the underwater world on one of the most beautiful coral reefs. 


The palate will treat a combination of French, Indian and African cuisine. A delicacy here is grilled octopus. The brave ones can try the meat from a bat. And after the meal, you must try coconut liqueur or Takamaka rum. Exported from the islands are tuna, vanilla, cinnamon, tobacco, cloves, coconuts, and guano. 

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